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SKYMASTER™ evolves from NATURES CLOUDS bringing moisture to feed the USA merino sheep wool and Tree Pulp modal viscose.


Your good sleep time enjoys soft, light and comfortable car camping breathing away body moisture. Waking rested and dry for the day’s exploring.

Exclusive Satin Finish car camping woven nylon textured to a vapor permeable breathing covering.

(Portland Woolen Mills first to market)

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Public Lands Ranger Hoodie Poncho

Now available in 4 sizes.

$159 Each

Thousands of rangers manage our public lands while teaching and creating the best experiences for visitors. Read an example above as posted at Lava Lands Visitors Center at the Newberry National

Volcanic Monument.

Portland Woolen Mills supports all public lands and monuments

as SOVEREIGN, also supporting all Indian Lands as SOVEREIGN.

Funding from Public Lands Ranger Hoodie Ponchos goes to build national awareness through the Outdoor Recreation Medias.


We’re excited about our Ranger Hoodie Poncho, featuring our merino wool insulation; it is a fire resistant insulation developed for and in testing with U.S.A. military.


We’re raising awareness of people visiting public lands about safety.  Before beginning outdoor experiences, please visit (National Inter Agency Fire Center) to review reports about prevalent fires on public lands during summer months.


Most people have purchased items with thermalplastic polyester fiber that is common in most outdoor apparel and sleeping bag insulations.  When exposed to extreme heat, thermalplastic fibers melt and stick to the skin, causing burns and sometimes necessitating surgical removal.


Portland Woolen Mills Ranger Hoodie Ponchos contain a protective fire resistant (fr) insulation made of merino wool and tree pulp. The covering nylon fabric are thermalplastic fibers that usually burn but do not melt.  Portland Woolen Mills is raising awareness only, and we do not offer a fully fire protective garment at this time.


To learn more about our fire resistance click here


To learn more about the National Inter Agency Fire Center, or fire updates, click here


To learn more about wildfire awareness click here

RANGER HOODIE PONCHO  (First to market)

Introducing exclusive Cooling Warmth camping technology


*** Designed to be worn in temperatures from 50ºF to 25ºF.

*** While camping, after skiing, and other activities where you want to cool down and still be warm.

*** Casual and brisk hikes and urban walks.


Portland Woolen Mills innovations of woolothetreewood, now trademarked SKY MASTER™, make it the most lightweight, warm, and healthy poncho you can buy. Our exclusive, sustainable USA raised merino wool breathes away perspiration with help from our renewable tree wood.


And so the legend of the SKY MASTER RANGER HOODIE UNFOLDS.


In the night sky filled with stars... he had borrowed the sun’s warmth to bring to you under the cover of darkness...

He had cradled you in nature’s wool and treewood, letting you breathe away the perspiration of your adventure...

It is in this way that Sky Master appears again, bringing you the most lightweight, warm, and healthy poncho you can buy.

Your body heat will become cooling warmth.


60 Inch


72 Inch


80 Inch


90 Inch


Now available in 4 sizes.

$135 Each


• SKY MASTER™ Car Camping Quilt Blankets (rated 40°F)

• Smoothly styled shape rectangle sizes with zippers.

• Classic Four Point Portland Woolen Mills outdoor blanket sizes.

• Natural Dry soft merino wool and tree wood fibers filling (sewn in law label details).

• Natural permanent antimicrobial filling.

• Pure finish soft weave nylon shell and liner fabrics.

• Outer filling thermal moisture barrier synthetic polyester tow.

• Durable #8 YKK coil zipper.

• Low maintenance care cold water washing lay flat or hang to dry.
(follow sewn in care label instructions)


Portland Woolen Mills Proudly made in USA original brand label
(woolothewest) now branded as SKY MASTER™.


28" x 60" inch long car camping quilt opens to 60" x 60" full size one point quilt.

28" x 72" inch long car camping quilt opens to 60" x 72" full size two point quilt.

28" x 80" inch long car camping quilt opens to 60" x 80" full size three point quilt.

28" x 90" inch long car camping quilt opens to 60" x 90" full size four point quilt.


Bag design quilt without zipper 28" x 68" length.

$105 Each


• Design inspired from climbers authentic wool blankets.

• Smoothly styled shape is light weight & packs flat/folded travel storage.

• Snug fit eliminates zippers pull on push off warm up design.

• Immediately creates warmth with Natural Dry Sorption wool and tree wood.

• Natural antimicrobial without chemicals created by nature.

• Insulation filling rating 2.3 clo.

• Low maintenance care follow sewn in care label.

• Weight is 1.8 lbs


Portland Woolen Mills Proudly made in USA original brand label
(woolothewest) now branded as SKY MASTER™.



Available in 2 colors

Urban Grey

Coyote Brown

SKY MASTER™ Down Sleeping Bag Liner

Liner design without zipper 28" x 68" length.

$105 Each


Available in 2 colors

Urban Grey

Coyote Brown


Creative Award Achievement was given to Portland Woolen Mills (June 2016) for the innovation of taking a classic wool outdoor blanket and developing wool into a filling insulation that is designed using the original down sleeping bag quilting patent from the 1930’s.


• Smoothly styled shape is soft and fits comfortably into most down sleeping bags.

• Natural fiber filling without chemicals tests at 2.3 clo.

• Exact weights of each material is confidential to the development.

(fiber contents is stated on the sewn in law label as required by law they include nylon 100%, wool 50% and viscose 50% by percent of fiber)

• Weight is 1.4 lbs


• Natural fiber sorption technology a long time knowledge to the owner of Portland Woolen Mills was first stated in science in 1858 when a dry wool blanket was moved to a moist room. There it produced a rise in temperature. This is explained by the fact when moisture vapor is absorbed into merino wools internal structure, it transforms from gas to liquid ad the phase change produces the rise in temperature.


• While humans are sleeping at night they give off approx. 8 ounces of liquid. Left unattended that liquid moisture will be absorbed into down and result in clammy even chilling discomfort. Portland Woolen Mills knows that this moisture is best managed without chemicals especially toxic dwr chemicals or mixing synthetic polyester fibers.


• Low maintenance is assured with natural fiber antimicrobial filling fibers and care for washing is cold water wash lay flat or hang to dry.


• Another insider tip for getting the liner to dry quickly is whenever possible wrap it around your clothed body as the body skin temperature of 94° F will produce heat that is also absorbed into the natural filling fibers.


Lesson to be learned here in almost all outdoor overnights your body temperature is the warmest source of heat compared to the outside air temperature and during the day can be used to dry sorption based clothing and the SKY MASTER™ blanket bag liner as shared.


Portland Woolen Mills Proudly made in USA original brand label
(woolothewest) now branded as SKY MASTER™.



Inner filling of woolothetreewood blend batting is created by Portland Woolen Mills.


Portland Woolen Mills uses materials raised and/or produced and processed and assembled in the USA.


Nylon fibers yarns and fabrics produced in the USA as required and certified by law for the US military under the Berry Amendment.

Merino wool fibers raised under USDA regulations and laws and produced into wool including finishing and processing in the USA.


Zippers produced in the USA as required by US military regulations.


Tree wood fibers as waived and certified produced in Europe to be compliant with U.S. military Berry Amendment.


Synthetic polyester filament breathable thermal layer is made by Climashield™.


SKY MASTER™ product assembly in approved US military production factory.


Portland Woolen Mills uses these US military products and processing and assembly because at this time it is the only remaining profitable supply chain left in textiles produced here in the USA.


The history section of the Portland Woolen Mills website shares the mills story and its proud contributions to America and her citizens.

Benefits of Wool

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