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After 50 years in the outdoor garment business, Doug Hoschek changed an industry. Now he wants to change it back. This article recounts the story of Doug Hoschek and his journey to revolutionize the textile industry. A must read!

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The innovation revival for this Product builds from the history of wool blankets being used by climbers in Europe in the mid 1800’s.


It also updates the Portland Woolen Mills original SKY MASTER™ zipper blanket found in (history).


Today as we know the popular backpacking outdoor adventures and exploring requires very light packable gear carried with you.


Assuring you the lightest quilt blanket begins without using a zipper and two choices of fabrics. Both of these quilts flat fold into their own flat shaped stuff sack with a draw string closure.


SKY MASTER™ builds these quilts with woolothetreewood blended fibers for the best breathable evaporation insulation. Assuring you stay dry with the skin always releasing body moisture into the insulation where it evaporates and passes out through the shell side of the quilt.


To learn more about how the insulation is made. Click here

Synthetics produce negligible heat of sorption because they aren’t able to absorb as much moisture as merino.

When wool absorbs moisture, it produces a rise temperature known as heat sorption.


Furthermore, studies have shown that the insulation provided by a fabric bears a direct relationship to the thickness of the fabric.

In addition, unlike smooth synthetic fibers, the scales on the surface of the merino fibers help keep the fibers apart. The increases the surface area available to resist the passage of air through the fabric, and so helps explain its insulation capacity.

Being sewn on three sides, it assures you warmth and little access to wind chills from your chest down. Making it a great day use closed sack type quilt.  The Quilt Blanket bag uses the same fabric as the car camping quilt.


The second unique feature of this quilt blanket is a liner in any sleeping bag for extra warmth.


This product uses a softer easier packing fabric to be stuffed inside the sleeping bag.


Of particular benefit is the woolothetreewood accelerating moisture evaporation fiber system. When stuffed into a down sleeping bag, your body moisture while sleeping stated to be an average of 8 ounces is absorbed into the woolothetreewood where it evaporates keeping your skin from being clammy or chilled and keeping the down filling in that bag dry. This system varies from person to person in actual performance based on clothing you are wearing and your over all body management of its moisture.


The science relies on what the wool does as part of the sheep’s outerwear fleece coat and how a tree draws moisture into its own structure. The goal being to not use chemicals like todays dwr finishes that are reported to be part of the issues with climate change at this time.


The smooth shape is styled like a contoured sack without a zipper closure.

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