Portland Woolen Mills - September 5, 2016 Press Release


PORTLAND WOOLEN MILLS announces the introduction of its new website portlandwoolenmills.com. Launch date to be Sept 5th.


The mill was founded in 1905 in Portland Oregon and ran the largest production of Four Point trading blankets for middleclass citizens across the USA thru 1961. The next business development was synthetic fibers for outdoor insulation battings and in house quilting for outerwear brands in the Northwest including Pendleton and White Stag and many skiwear brands in Seattle.


Today, understanding the present needs of the Outdoor Specialty Retailer in todays consumer market choices; Portland Woolen Mills will offer new innovation in todays FOUR POINT BLANKET Trademark registration is underway and will be announced on the website when approved.


It is widely accepted that prior to the invention of down sleeping bags in the 1930’s by Eddie Bauer the outdoor participant used a Four Point trading blanket to stay warm and dry while sleeping outdoors. Cultures involved with Four Point blankets included the French and British settling in North America along with establishing the Hudson Bay Trading Company. Today the Hudson Bay Four Point trading blanket remains the most respected choice for outdoor camping as part of a sleeping bag system.


Testing of the innovation includes a patent pending construction and natural renewable biodegradable fiber based on USA raised merino wool under USDA regulations for animal care and proper land management.


Rather than compete with down a business development is being completed with United Feather & Down the oldest down buyer and process performance supplier dating back to 1938 here in the USA. Making United Feather & Down the innovation down supplier for the original down sleeping bags at that time during the Eddie Bauer patent years.


Today the processing of down must find the means to keep down dry in outdoor sleeping bags. Portland Woolen Mills believes that Specialty Retailers are the anchor for outdoor gear and equipment. Thus the new SKY MASTER™ smoothly styled wool blanket bag interliner for Down Sleeping bags will be launched on the Portland Woolen Mills website. PWM believes pure down should remain pure down in sleeping bags and outdoor apparel. SKY MASTER™ interliner is created without chemical finishes.


The second part of the new innovation and creative development of the FOUR POINT BLANKET rebuilding will offer to retailers and consumers a selection of outdoor camping blankets with wool as the base fiber.


Doug Hoschek, owner of Portland Woolen Mills believes from his 50 years of outdoor insulation experiences that the best way to assure the lifeline of Specialty Retailing is with new product innovations and short lead time deliveries.


The innovation in SKY MASTER™ interliner required a direct business development agreement with United Feather & Down to create the down blend fill that allows the SKY MASTER™ interliner to perform to keep the down dry. While the down remains pure and chemical treatments are not used. The chemicals simply promote dependence for more fossil fuel damages to our Climate. They also inhibit the best performance of the down. The SKY MASTER™ interliner will be offered to brands and also as part of the camping sleep system to retailers and consumers.


From the Portland Woolen Mills website base and initial sponsorship with trailspace.com the marketing of the new FOUR POINT wool base blanket camping system will teach todays campers, hikers and backpackers how to stay dry and not get chilled or clammy while enjoying the time outdoors under the nights sky.


Special attention to a packable storage for the new Four Point trading blanket system will follow the sizing icon for trading blankets.

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