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Spinning a Yarn - Oregon Business

After 50 years in the outdoor garment business, Doug Hoschek changed an industry. Now he wants to change it back. This article recounts the story of Doug Hoschek and his journey to revolutionize the textile industry. A must read!



Outdoor Retailer Needs to go to Portland - Powder Magazine

Why the bi-annual outdoor trade show needs to tap into the weird greatness that is Portland, Oregon.



Protect Bears Ears

With our Tlingit stories and the "woolothetreewod" being the key to our  camping products, the UTE Indian Tribe story presented by Shaun Chapoose Chairman of the Tribe, gives PWM a position and voice to keep building our commitment  to natural breathable fabrics and protecting the Heritage/Ownership of Native American lands.


We also support Senator Cantwell our Washington State neighbor in her efforts as presented at this time.



Portland Woolen Mills Hiking Quilts: Review

50 Campfires tries our SKY MASTERâ„¢ Quilts while camping along the Oregon Coasts.



50 Campfires goes camping - Field Trip: Portland

Follow 50 Campfires on their journey across Oregon.



Press Release: Website launch and new products

September marks the launch of our new website as well as a host of new products. Learn more.



Info: Portland Woolen Mills Wikipedia entry

Wikipedia includes a detailed entry about the history and events of the landmark Portland Woolen Mill.


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